About Little Beans

The idea for the Little Beans Foundation (“Little Beans”) came about because of the financial hardships we endured and the limited opportunities that we had. Through our faith, we were able to put this together. It has blossomed into a difference making foundation that continues to grow. 

Our focus on creating building blocks and opportunities for growth is needed, especially by the children who grow up in families where economic hardship is a grim reality. Often it is the children who quietly endure their families’ economic hardships. Little Beans’ goal is to provide these children with a sense of hope and optimism so they may envision a future with endless possibilities.

Little Beans Mission

It is our mission to create opportunities for local families enduring financial hardship to live a better life. Our events build positive memories that children can build on, ensure that they have the necessary school supplies to prosper, and that they have the clothing and food they need. Our focus on these three areas help lay the foundation for a better life. 

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