Back to School Picnic

For many children, one of the most exciting parts of back to school is shopping for brand new school supplies. But for families in financial crisis, the idea of the additional expense of new supplies, clothes and shoes for back to school is anything but exciting.

Little Beans, an organization dedicated to providing children with basic necessities in the context of positive, uplifting experiences offers families in need options. Resicom partners with the organization to not only provide supplies needed based on actual teacher/school  lists, but also with volunteers to help run the Little Beans Back to School Picnic. Families and their students are invited for a fun day of food and games. At the end of the picnic, children are given a brand new backpack filled with the school  supplies needed to start in the fall. Rather than feel like the recipients of charity, the children are given a party “goody bag” that just happens to give them a head start for the new school year. 

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