Christmas Miracle 2016

Imagine how you would feel knowing you helped someone else see that they matter. The Christmas Miracle event is a true celebration. Hundreds of families in need are invited to come to this event. The families are greeted by volunteers whose only job is to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and loved. The environment is fun and exciting. There is music playing and choirs singing the beautiful songs of the season. There are games for children to play and crafts to create. Jolly old Santa is there spreading Christmas cheer and taking photos to be brought home.   

We invite the elderly from a local retirement home to come and join in the festivities. They absolutely love it. Some of them actually volunteer to help, while others just enjoy the surroundings of this true miracle. They just love knowing that someone loves and cares about them too during this time of year.

Each family is invited to sit down and enjoy a warm meal together, something many of us often take for granted. They are also given the opportunity to pick out brand new winter coats that fit them, and more importantly warm them all winter long. And just when they think the event is over, each family is given wrapped Christmas gifts that include clothes and personal care items to take with them. Experiencing their reactions when they leave with wrapped presents is truly priceless. You know at that very moment that you made a difference, and that there is no greater gift than the gift of giving.