The Christmas Miracle 2018

A solid foundation of self-worth is so important, especially for the children who grow up in families where economic hardship is a grim reality. Hope is often elusive as they quietly endure the struggle. There are over 500 people facing this in our local community. 

Lets help them dream bigger and build a better future by giving them a great party where we share over 5,000 items they desperately need. 


The Community Christmas Bash of 2018 will create positive memories for so many. 


Here’s More About Our Christmas Miracle  

What is the Little Beans Foundation? 

Christmas Miracle 2018

I choose to be…

A Volunteer 

Help as an individual or build a team of volunteers. Don’t forget to bring age appropriate children to help out and participate in making a difference.

A Donor 

People need a lot of stuff. Please donate new and used goods from our list. If you can, organize your workplace as a collection point for your co-workers.

A Benefactor 

Money provides the necessary push to deliver what is needed. 100% of all donations go directly to the cause and with our foundation discounts, each dollar goes further.

Event Details 

We will be hosting two celebrations on the same day where our invited guests will enjoy good food, fun times, and receive many of the items they need. 


If you’d like to volunteer or you have questions, please contact Candy Hamilton at 630.243.1995 or

The events will be hosted on Sunday, December 10th at Everest Academy.

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