Do We Really Make a Difference?

There are times we question whether all of our time and dedication pays off. It is human nature to critique yourself and be negative at times. Everyone needs some sort of reassurance at times. Well, below are quotes from past events that we hold near and dear. They answer those questions, “Do we make a difference? Have we helped enough? Did we forget someone?”

“It melted my heart when when Santa asked the foster boy what he wanted for Christmas and he said ‘For my family to be back together.”

“Santa can you please pay my mom’s bills this month so she won’t cry because she can’t pay them?”

“Thank you so much! This is the first new coat I’ve ever had!”

“The feeling of joy and the real meaning of Christmas when you see a child’s eyes light up seeing Santa Claus.”

Here was an exchange that made me cry, ‘Why would you all do this for us? We don’t mean anything to anyone.” The volunteer replied “Honey, you matter to God, so you matter to the world. Don’t you forget that. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“I was moved when I saw the little children make Christmas cards and give them to Santa. It shows the pure hearts of children.”

“I was in the new coat room talking with a woman who had just picked out a coat.  She was telling me the zipper on her coat had broken and she knew it couldn’t be fixed.  She went on to say she was praying to Jesus for a coat.  She said her prayers had been answered.”

“I helped another mom with 7 kids pick out coats.  She couldn’t believe she was able to pick one out for herself. After the kids picked theirs, they helped their mom.  To see the kids excitement in helping their mom pick something out for herself was heart warming.”

“I overheard two ladies discussing the event:

First woman: “I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it. Everyone is so nice, the place is so nice, the gifts are so nice, I just don’t get it”

Second woman: “Just enjoy it while we’re here”

“Outstanding job on the event ! It felt great to be a part of so much giving.

I think your dedication to event was enjoyed by both those who received and gave their time.”

“The feeling of accomplishment when all work together toward a truly Christian cause.”

“I’ve never seen so much joy in one place. Everyone played a part in sharing happiness. God’s love was shining bright.”