Shopping Days

Attention all Kohl’s Shoppers! Make way for our Little Beans volunteers!

The shopping days to prepare for the Christmas Miracle are miracles themselves. Each volunteer is given a certain list of items to gather. They fill carts and flat beds with coats and clothing in every size available. The store clerks and managers help us organize the controlled chaos. It is just astonishing to see the piles of clothes become mountains. Knowing that these items are going to be given to families that truly need them makes this experience amazing.

What is also so great, is that these families are going to get brand new items as opposed to hand me downs. They will be given the correct sizes and even be able to choose the coat that they like. 

It takes many days, and countless hours to prepare, but truly worth every second. Truck loads are taken away and prepared…but that’s a whole other event called the Wrapping Party!